ASCL Certified Cyber Crime Control Consultant - c5


ASCL Certified Cyber Crime Control Consultant

We live in a world where EVERYONE (from Airports, Banks & eCommerce to Tax departments, Telecom giants & Universities) and EVERYTHING (from Airplanes, Apps & ATM machines to Self aiming rifles, Smart-watches & Wifi networks) seems to be getting hacked.

The last 2 years have seen some of the world's largest institutions fall prey to cyber crime - JP Morgan Chase, Sony, AT&T, eBay, Google, Apple, Dairy Queen International, Domino's Pizza and half of the South Korean population!

The global cost of cyber crime is estimated to be more than $100 billion a year.

The c5 program helps you to develop the skills to minimize the cost and impact of cyber crime on your organisation.

Custom batches available only for corporates.


Graduate in any discipline with minimum 3 years work experience in IT, Finance, Management, Audit, Law, Enforcement or Military service.


Courseware & reference material is provided in electronic form.


1 online test

c5 Syllabus

  1. Global impact of cyber crime
  2. Cyber Incident Response
  3. Financial Crime
  4. Fraud Control
  5. Information System Contingency Planning
  6. Cyber Security
  7. Counter Terrorism
  8. Data Privacy & Protection
  9. Cyber Insurance
  10. Real World Case Studies
ASCL Certified Cyber Crime Control Consultant