ASCL Cyber Career Track


ASCL Cyber Career Track

Cyber Crime costs the world more than Rs. 57,000,000,000,000 every year. Companies and Governments need skilled digital forensic investigators to contain this US $ 114 billion annual cost.

This course will lay the foundation for your career in Information Security, Incident Response and Fraud Control.

The ASCL Cyber Career Track also prepares you to work as a Forensic Technologies Professional in a company specializing in cyber security & cyber forensic services.

The ASCL Cyber Career Track comprises 6 programs:

1. ASCL Certified Cyber Crime Investigator +
2. ASCL Certified Cyber Forensic Analyst +
3. International Program in Cyber Laws +
4. ASCL Program in Fraud Control +
5. ASCL Program in Cyber Security +
6. The 360-degree-program

Custom batches available only for colleges.


Graduate students in IT, Finance or Law.


Courseware & reference material is provided in printed and electronic form.


It consist of online exams and case studies.
Score at least 70% to pass.

Course duration

1 year

Course Syllabus

  1. Cyber Crime Investigation
    Internet Fundamentals, Web 101, Hidden Web, Coding for the web, Cyber Crime 101, eBanking Attacks, Web Hacking, Web Investigation, Email Investigation, Investigating Server Logs, Investigating Web Browsers, Cyber Security Fundamentals.
  2. Cyber Forensics
    Forensic Fundamentals, Cyber Forensics Fundamentals, Cyber Forensics - Best Practices, SOPs & Guidelines, Cyber Forensic Case Files, File Forensics, Image Forensics, Financial Crimes, Crypto Forensics, Password Forensics, Windows Forensics, Documentation & Reports, Media Sanitization.
  3. International Program in Cyber Laws
    Cyber Law (India), Data Privacy Law, IT Law Compliance, International Law on cyber crime, US Law on cyber crime, EU Law on cyber crime, International E-commerce Law.
  4. Fraud Control
    Fraud Risk Investigation, Fraud And Corruption Control, IS 15900, UK Bribery Act 2010 and US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
  5. Cyber Security
    Overview of cyber security concepts and important cyber security standards.
  6. The 360-degree-program
    This program helps to build your basic technology quotient, oral & written communication & presentation skills, analytical thinking and creativity and a great resume. It also equips you to handle personal interviews and group discussions.
ASCL Certified Cyber Crime Investigator