Domain names & websites


The First Email

The first email was sent by Ray Tomilson to himself. "The test messages were entirely forgettable. . . . Most likely the first message was QWERTYIOP or something similar," he said. Delivering a display of how form and content are inseparable, the first "real" email was sent in late 1971 and it also included instructions on how to use the '@' character in email addresses.


The First Spam Email

The first spam email was sent by Gary Thuerk, a marketer for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), in May 1978. When DEC released a new computer, Gary sent out an email to 400 out of the 2600 people (then) on the ARPAnet. The email was not well received by most recipients and this remained the only spam sent for many years to come.


The First Domain Name

The first Domain Name ever registered was, which was registered in March 1985. Symbolics Computer Corporation, a now defunct computer manufacturer, secured the domain name and sold it in 2009 to Investments. The website now serves as a historic site.


The First Webpage

The first webpage was dedicated to information about the World Wide Web. It was created by Tim Berners-Lee and published from a lab in Swiss Alps on August 1991. Be sure to view the source of the first webpage. You'll find quite a few things about early HTML that have long since changed!


The First Picture on the Web

The first picture to ever get uploaded onto the web was posted by Tim Berners-Lee, one of the inventors of the Internet, on 18 July 1992. The ladies in the photo were a part of a musical group called 'Les Horribles Cornettes', a comedy band based at the CERN laboratory in Geneva. The photo was edited using version one of Photoshop on a colour Mac and was saved as a .gif.


The First Banner Ad

The first banner ad to ever run online was posted by Joe McClambey on in October 1994. The ad was posted to promote 7 art museums and was sponsored by AT&T.