Twitter Timeline


The First Tweet

The first tweet was posted by co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, and it said "just setting up my twttr"


The Twitter Hashtag

The # (hashtag) was first proposed by actor Chris Messina in a tweet, which was then incorporated into the tweets as a way to trend a particular topic.


Twitter in Spanish

Twitter was launched in Spanish in 2009. 3 years later, it introduced 4 more languages with the help of 17,000 volunteers world-wide. As of today, twitter is available in 28 different languages


The First Tweet from Outerspace

The first tweet from outer space was made by a NASA Astronaut, T.J. Creamer from the International Space Station. Check out the links below to see what the first tweet from outerspace read, and also the first tweets of a few Famous Personalities!


Most retweeted tweet

A tweet by One Direction's Louis Tomlinson to his bandmate Harry Styles has now become the second most-retweeted tweet in Twitter's history with 1 million retweets, despite being posted more than three years ago. The first most-retweeted tweet was the Oscar selfie posted by Ellen Degeneres during the Academy Awards on 3 March 2014, with over 3 million retweets.


Milestones in Twitter History

To know more about the different milestones in Twitter's history, check out the official Twitter page on Facebook by clicking on the link below.